BSA Principal Designer & BSA Advisor

Incorporated in March 2024 to specifically provide an independent multi-discipline approach to the new Principal Designer role for Non-HRB developments. Bringing together construction professionals from design, building control, CDM/health and safety, commissioning management and digital documentation backgrounds, combined to provide the range of services and competencies intended for a holistic approach to The Building Safety Act 2022, including:

Planning – Working with the client and PM/EA to define roles, responsibilities and management arrangements to ensure compliance with The Building Regulations 2010 and responsibilities under the Act.

Managing – Embedded within the design team, and working with the Certified Building Control Approver to identify potential non-compliance and proactively contribute to effective design solutions to eliminate risk and focus on health and safety within the constraints of cost, quality and program. We also provide stakeholders with guidance and free CPD to promote and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors required.

Monitoring – Using dedicated software to monitor, document and report against deliverables and outcomes defined within the management arrangements, including competence assessment, plans checks, and commissioning management.

Documenting – Using our online digital manual system to record and make available information to document the arrangements adopted, significant design decisions made, together with Key Building Information and Regulation 38 Information to ensure those responsible for managing complete buildings have sufficient information to maintain them in a safe condition.

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