CDM Principal Designer / CDM Advisor

As a Corporate Practice of The Association of Project Safety we are accredited and externally audited under Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP Registration Number 050556) to act as Principal Designer, Designer, Consultant to Principal Designer (PD Advisor) and CDM Advisor.  We can therefore be appointed as Principal Designer directly by clients who do not therefore need to appoint us through one of the design team or the principal contractor.

We have successfully delivered a CDM consultancy for 20 years, ensuring that projects benefit from CDM planning, management and review totally independent from the influence that affiliation with a designer or contractor may bring.

We also undertake independent site safety inspections and audits where appointed to do so, together with incident investigation.

Our CDM narrative continues to focus on clarity of practical, pragmatic and proactive advice to clients, designers and contractors to ensure projects are carried out without risks to health and safety whilst promoting sensible solutions to reduce capital expenditure and cost in-use.

We work closely with designers to develop documented strategies from the earliest stage of a project detailing appropriate safe systems of work for construction and maintenance, providing free training to promote client and designers’ duties and the application of the Principles of Prevention where this helps achieve best practice.  In addition, our experience in the production of handover documentation means that we constantly focus on delivery of a comprehensive records at practical completion.

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